We would love to equip you and work with you to launch a Dinner Party. Fill out the form below and a Dinner Party oversight will be in touch with you about training. 

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Host - the person who opens their home, apartment, or space. Welcome people at the door or as they come.
Hospitality leader - organizing dinner for the group. Helps plan the setup. Decides theme … breakfast for dinner, Mexican food, Italian night. If finances are a concern in buying food every week, create a roster system. Text people and ask them to bring something.
Discussion leader - ONE point person that sparks conversation around Sunday’s message. We will send out an email EVERY TUESDAY following up on Sunday’s notes. Bullet points, scriptures, and a few discussion questions. But you should be there on Sunday taking your own notes for discussion! Sunday-Wednesday to let it take form in your own life…so you can facilitate conversation.
Follow Up leader - You have names and numbers of people who signed up. Follow up. Pray for them. Make a phone call. Introduce yourself. “I’m from first church and I’m a dinner party leader” Answer questions. Send a follow up call on the day before your dinner party — “so excited to see you tonight.”